I'm a Pacific Northwest based film photographer, shooting with digital on request. I’ve been shooting for over seven years, the earliest years were spent photographing performances and portraits for the music website I founded and ran (Secretly Important). I’d like to tell you that my love for photography began in a high school darkroom with my mom’s Canon AE-1 rocking a killer Mickey Mouse neck strap, but I was a really crappy student completing an arts elective in the last quarter of my senior year.

I shoot 35mm medium format and instant film

It was ten years later that I dove back into the art from and found it to be the most rewarding creative expression of my life. I now shoot with a Pentax, Nikon FE, a Hasselblad, and upon request... my digital Nikon. My work largely consists of portraits, particularly conceptual portraits based around a central emotional theme. I love nothing more than collaborating on a shoot and if you'd like to take part in any of my ongoing portrait series or if you have another idea and would like to collaborate with me, you can contact me here or at brianssnider at gmail.com

If you like my style and would like to discuss shoot your: senior portrait, wedding, concert, recording session... or whatever contact me here or at brianssnider at gmail.com.

If you like any of the images you see here on the site, most or all of them are likely available as a print. For pricing and sizes contact me here or at brianssnider at gmail.com.